Kicks & Hip Hop

The culture of Hip Hop is closely connected to the sneaker community. A lot of rappers consider themselves Sneaker-heads (sneaker-heads are people who avidly collect and research new and vintage sneakers). These artists include Wale, Kanye West, Juelz Santana, Macklemore, Pharrell, Bun B, etc. These two cultures have become so integrated that they have begun to use each other as a means to expand off of each others fanbases. Collaborations such as the MF Dooms and the Nike Air Yeezys are testaments to this movement.

Sneaker exclusivity also plays a major part in this relationship. For example, everyone in the sneaker community knows how rare the Air Yeezys are. The demand for these sneakers stem from the mystery associated with items that belong to celebrities. Nike took advantage of the fact that a well-known, fashion forward rap artist had such a diverse fan base. Through his fanbase they would create a new demand for these sneakers. This happens all the time. Whether it be with sneakers directly associated with Hip Hop icons or using a icon to promote their product.


Kicks 101

These upcoming months are going to be crucial to a sneakerhead collection. There won’t be a ton of releases. But the few that are, will be gems.




Well, in the month of September we only have one release. That is the Nike Foamposite with Thermal colorway. This particular colorway includes infrared, white, and black. The design is interestingly unique, yet familiar. Though it shares some of the same basic design aspects of the previously released weathermap foamposites, it manages to stand out on its own due to the contrast created by these simple colors. These sneakers are pretty to look at, but are they worth it? Is there too much going on with the design and choice of colors? I feel as though it would take a true stylist to pull together an outfit for these kicks.




It seems as though October is the month of the ‘Fresh Prince.’ In this month we have CP3 7s, Retro Jordan 5s, and Jordan 6 rings all releasing in the ‘Fresh Prince’ colorway. My personal favorite among these releases, are the Retro Jordan 5s. There is something about the way the colors interact with the model of the sneaker, that I find extremely appealing. They are definitely going for an old school, africana vibe with this colorway. Something that I believe works well with the sneaker. The neon green used in the ‘23’ on the side of the sneaker is also a nice touch. Its a great way to pay homage to an iconic sitcom while still staying true to the characters played within it. The CP3 7s were also designed beautifully. The translucent sole with neon splattered design allows this sneaker stand out from the rest. It also uses suede for a softer touch while having leather in some areas to really emphasize the contrast within the color scheme itself. Which brings us along to the Jordan 6 rings. The 6 rings has design aspects and traits from several other Jordan models. This causes for an interesting interaction of color on older Jordan models while still sticking to the sneaker at hand.


Another great release this month would be the Jordan Retro Zebra 10s. These are a pair of sneakers that were very popular in their day. Now coming back, I have a feeling that these sneaks will be slept on. Sure, they are plain black and white but they have the potential for some pretty great outfits. Not to say that these sneakers in particular were a hit with females. If I get the chance, I’m definitely picking these up.




November will be my favorite month for two reasons. First off, its my birthday month! And secondly, the Laney High Jordan Retro 5s release. These kicks are simple in designed but look INCREDIBLE. The blue and yellow flames on the sides accent the white leather base wonderfully. The tongue also looks great in yellow and blue. I am definitely looking forward to picking these bad boys up.